Aung La Nsang confident he will defeat Vera in upcoming MMA ‘mega match’

05 October 2019
Aung La Nsang confident he will defeat Vera in upcoming MMA ‘mega match’
Aung La N Sang, also known as Burmese Python, from Myanmar poses for photographers during a press conference. Photo: Nyein Chan Naing/EPA

Aung La Nsang told Mizzima that he would defeat his contender Philippine national Brandon Vera without using the grappling hold technique in One Championship fight to be fought in Japan this month.

“I will not use the grappling hold technique in this fight at all. I will use my fists and kicking only as a fighter in this championship fight,” Aung La Nsang, nicknamed Burma Python, said.

Aung La Nsang defended his ‘One: New Era’ middleweight title at a MMA tournament fought in Tokyo on March 31, 2019 by defeating his contender Japanese Ken Hasegawa with TKO in the 2nd round.

At that time UFC fighter Brandon Vera entered the ring and challenged Aung La. The champion Aung La accepted his challenge immediately. The defending fight is being billed as a “mega match”, the best and greatest Light Heavyweight ‘One Championship’ title fight.

“In this fight, he (Vera) wants to fight me by keeping a distance from me, wants to kick from a distance. But I will fight him using a close combat technique. I will defend against his distant kicking. I have my own tactics in this fight. We have almost the same advantages and disadvantages but I don’t know about his stamina. I don’t care about his stamina as I have 100 percent stamina,” Aung La added.

One Championship says that if Vera were to defeat “The Burmese Python,” he would achieve his dream of becoming a two-division ONE World Champion. But Aung La has no intention of relinquishing his crown as the most dominant martial artist on the global stage.

This title defending fight will be fought in Tokyo on October 13 and could run for a total of five rounds.