IFC to help improve hydropower standards in Myanmar

07 October 2015
IFC to help improve hydropower standards in Myanmar
Yeywa Hydropower Station undertaken by Energy China is currently the largest hydropower station in Myanmar. Photo: Energy China

The World Bank's IFC has signed an advisory services agreement with the government of Myanmar to help improve environmental and social risk management in hydropower projects waterpowermagazine.com reported on 6 October.
With IFC's support, Myanmar's Ministry of Electric Power and Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry will develop much-needed technical guidelines to address environmental and social risks in hydropower projects. Myanmar has recently approved a new electricity law and is finalizing the procedures for environmental impact assessment.
As part of the cooperation agreement, IFC and the government will commission a country-wide strategic environmental assessment of the hydropower sector. IFC will also provide policy guidance and training on other important areas, such as environmental flows management, benefit-sharing arrangements, and stakeholder engagement.
In Myanmar, 34 million people, or about 66% of its population, do not have access to electricity. To address this constraint, the government has set a target of increasing the electrification rate to 50% by 2020.