Uniting ethnic Karen armed groups 90 per cent successful

30 November 2018
Uniting ethnic Karen armed groups 90 per cent successful
Photo: Thura/Mizzima

Karen State Border Guard Force General Secretary Col. Saw Chit Thu said that they were about 90 per cent successful in their negotiations for reuniting ethnic Karen armed splinter groups.

“We tried to reunite 3-4 splinter groups of our Karen armed groups. We are very much pleased to see agreement and magnanimity in the reuniting of our entire ethnic Karen race being conducted by our Karen elders and leaders,” Col. Saw Chit Thu said.  

Negotiations were reportedly conducted for reuniting ethnic Karen armed groups called KNU/KNLA, KNU and DKBA and a Committee for Reuniting of Ethnic Karen Armed Groups was formed for that purpose. 

“Everyone knows it is impossible to make broken pieces to one piece again in the original shape but we can say it was successful in our negotiations if we can achieve 90 per cent in it,” Col. Saw Chit Thu added. 

Col. Saw Chit Thu further said that they would continue these negotiations and he believed that they would be successful in this effort and they can rebuild confidence among them. 

“In the current situation in our Karen State, we have been at peace for about one year. I mean in the detailed situation of our State. We don’t want to see frequent skirmishes and exchanging of firs among ourselves,” he added.