President’s pardon releases 257 prisoners from Khamti central prison

27 April 2019
President’s pardon releases 257 prisoners from Khamti central prison
The prisoners released today in the evening from Khamti prison. Photo: Chan Law

Khamti Central prison said that 257 prisoners were released April 26 in the afternoon by President’s pardon from the Khamti central prison, Khamti Township, Sagaing Region.

It is learned that government departmental officials and town elders gave the necessary assistance to the prisoners released for their return to their homes by arranging transport for them.

The press release issued today by President’s Office says 6,948 Myanmar citizen prisoners who are serving their prison sentences in the prisons across the country are pardoned without any condition provided under section 401(1) of Criminal Procedure Code in observing of auspicious Myanmar lunar new year, for keeping peace in the mind of the people and dedication to the humanitarian considerations and also the office is scrutinizing systematically the remaining prisoners who deserve to be given pardon.

It is learned that in today’s pardon, under the command of Sagaing Region Prison Department Chief office, 412 from Kalay prison, 104 prisoners from Katha prison, 515 from Shwebo prison, 164 from Monywa prison, 257 from Khamti prison, 128 from Myothit prison labour camp, 138 from Thanan camp, 130 from Bandoola camp, 107 from Oakpho camp, 134 from Yazagyo camp (1), 126 from Yazagyo camp (2) totaling 2,215 were released.

Earlier, on April 17, 9,535 Myanmar prisoners were released from the prisons across the country.