Ooredoo Myanmar given CSR award

21 August 2019
Ooredoo Myanmar given CSR award
Photo: Facebook

Ooredoo Myanmar has been awarded the Asia’s Business Leaders Award 2019 “Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year”, which was held in Singapore for its CSR initiative “Community Libraries to Community Centres” according to a statement. 

The statement says, Ooredoo has used its technology to fulfil its vision of “Enriching people’s digital lives”. Ooredoo Myanmar has partnered with Myanmar Book Aids and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) since September 2014 to transform public libraries into digital community centres. Since the program started in September 2014, Ooredoo’s total investment in the “Transformation of Community Library to Community Centre” initiative is estimated to be valued at USD 561,827, the contribution has gone towards 705 digital devices spread across 150 libraries with internet connectivity. 

According to a third-party survey by International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), 300,000 people have used the devices sponsored by Ooredoo Myanmar between September, 2014 and June, 2019 in which 202,472 users accessed the internet for the first time in their lives. Among them, 45% used the libraries to access news or learning opportunities, 32% sought to improve their technological skills and 23% applied for jobs. Over 360,000 people have visited the library since the campaign’s implementation to improve their digital skills, with more than 200,000 people receiving training on how to use the internet.

U Tint Naing Htut, Head of Corporate Communications of Ooredoo Myanmar said,” We feel much honoured to receive this kind of prestigious recognition at such a reputable regional event like The Asia’s Business Leaders Awards. With 63% of Myanmar’s population under 35 years old and an estimated 63% of Myanmar’s population living in underdeveloped areas, Ooredoo Myanmar understands that Myanmar is poised to fully leverage the opportunities which digital technologies provide for youths and be at the forefront of digital transformation. This award will become a huge drive for both Ooredoo Myanmar and MBAPF to maintain the great momentum in enriching people’s digital lives.”

Since its inception in Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar has focused on its CSR initiatives which emphasizes 3 pillars: education, health and social development of Myanmar people.