New elephant camp will be opened in Magway

15 January 2019
New elephant camp will be opened in Magway
A family of elephants at Wingabaw Elephant Resort Camp in Bago (about 39 miles or 62 kilometer from Yangon), Myanmar. Photo: Nyein Chan Naing/EPA

A new elephant camp will be opened in Myanmar's Magway region next month as a wildlife-based tourist destination and a wildlife conservation centre, Xinhua reported quoting state media.

The 3.24-hectare elephant camp to be inaugurated on Feb. 9 will feature bungalows, mess halls, elephant houses plus a 283-hectare grazing ground and a 48.6-hectare vacant and virgin land to build a public place and grow trees.

Visitors will be able to ride elephants and rest at the camp which will have 11 bungalows equipped with all necessary facilities and a food stall run by the camp staff.

So far, the camp has seven elephants and the number is set to increase to 15 later.