Negotiations underway for Myanmar travellers to visit Israel

15 February 2019
Negotiations underway for Myanmar travellers to visit Israel
Photo: Israel in Myanmar

The Israel Tourism Festival has invited Myanmar tourists to visit the country to see it many tourist attractions.

The Israel embassy was involved in organizing the Festival at Novotel Hotel in Yangon on February 13.

Israeli ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Ronen Gilor said, “Today is a celebration of the Israeli tourism industry. Tourism is very important. Israel opened its embassy in Yangon to bridge the relationship between the two countries and two peoples.”

Israel which has tight visa rules is currently having negotiating with the Myanmar government to encourage tourism.

“With the different landscapes, Jerusalem is in fact a huge museum, a history of the middle east, its culture and economics and lastly the birth place of Jesus Christ,” The ambassador said.

Currently there are only a few Myanmar tourists visiting Israel and it costs over US$ 1,000 for each traveller.  According to tourism operators in Myanmar, most Myanmar tourists visit Israel on a religious tour.

Most of these visit Israel on package tours to Egypt and Jordan.