NCA signatories to meet with Government negotiators

07 March 2019
NCA signatories to meet with Government negotiators
Chairman of Karen National Union (KNU) Mutu Say Po speaks during the Religions for Advisory Forum On National Reconciliation and Peace in Myanmar meeting at the Myanmar International Convention Center (MICC) in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, 21 November 2018. Photo: Hein Htet/EPA

The 10 ethnic armed organizations that have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) have decided to meet with government peace negotiators after one of the groups voiced deep dissatisfaction with the country’s peace process, RFA reported.

The Karen National Union (KNU) contends that the implementation of the nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) has deviated from its objective to create a federal democratic union that includes ethnic equality and rights to autonomy.

To get it going in the right direction again, one leader from each of the 10 groups will meet informally on March 9 with the Myanmar Peace Commission (MPC) led by MPC secretary Khin Zaw Oo.