Military and USDP object to constitution amendment study

06 March 2019
Military and USDP object to constitution amendment study
Military representatives attend a regular session of the Union Parliament in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, 05 February 2019. Photo: Hein Htet/EPA

The Constitution amendment study and analysis committee submitted its ‘Observation and Opinion Report’ on ‘The Amendment of Article 261 Bill’ regarding directly appointing Chief Ministers of States and Regions by the President, however, MPs from Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and military MPs objected to the findings.

Union of Myanmar 2008 Constitution Amendment Study and Analysis Joint Committee submitted its report on March 5, most of its recommendations are to consider all amendments from articles 1 to 457 along with article 261.

Of the 30-member Study and Analysis Committee for Constitution Second Amendment Bill, 25 members agreed to consider and deliberate all amendments along with article 261 in 45-member Joint Constitution Amendment Committee and the remaining 5 members would like to continue a second amendment bill separately for deliberations and passing this bill in accordance with the law and rules of parliament.

Article 261 of constitution stipulates the President shall appoint a person from the elected members of a legislative assembly as Chief Minister of that State/Region and the legislators of said assembly cannot object to the appointee unless he/she does not meet the qualifications of Chief Minister.

Ethnic nationalities do not like the central government managing the affairs of States/Regions and they want to amend article 261 which gives power to the President to select, nominate and appoint the Chief Ministers in their States.