‘The Last Overland’ journey about to commence in Singapore

10 August 2019
‘The Last Overland’ journey about to commence in Singapore

Myanmar will shortly be welcoming a rerun of an epic overland journey when travelers in a 60-year-old Land Rover pass through traveling Singapore to London, according to a press release.

Nat George, grandson of Tim Slessor is following in his grandfather’s footsteps to recreate one of the twentieth century’s most iconic and challenging road journeys – only back to front. 

About 60 years ago, Tim Slessor helped lead the groundbreaking London-to-Singapore expedition in two Land Rovers.

This time Tim Slessor will share The Last Overland journey with his young and adventurous grandson, who will provide a fresh, cross-generational perspective to the expedition. 

Tim Slessor, who is currently recovering from an operation, spoke about the thrill of sharing this journey with his grandson, “We (The First Overland) team embarked on this journey when we were in our early twenties, and at that age, you make the impossible, possible. To be able to share this journey with Nat, a young and would-be explorer, is quite moving as The Last Overland now represents both a family journey and an adventure of a lifetime.”

Despite just completing a degree in economics, Nat George has a keen interest in geography, and can’t wait to explore the world. The youngest member of the Overland team shares his excitement for the expedition, “Growing up, I have heard so much about The First Overland from my grandfather. His passion and enthusiasm have greatly inspired me, and I’m very grateful to be able to be part of the journey started by him. The furthest I’ve driven in the past is London to Newcastle, so this will be an eye-opening experience for me!”

The Last Overland expedition will begin on Sunday, 25 August 2019 with the ‘flag off’ from Singapore’s F1 pit straight in Marina Bay. The 1955 ‘Oxford’ Land Rover will be given the perfect send off by being escorted through the streets of Singapore all the way to the country’s border with Malaysia by a parade of other Land Rovers driven by local enthusiasts, including members of the group, Land Rover Owners Singapore.