Indian exhibitors express confidence in Myanmar’s market

14 December 2018
Indian exhibitors express confidence in Myanmar’s market
Photo: Thet Ko/Mizzima

Indian exhibitors from various industry sectors expressed their confidence in Myanmar’s growing market on Thursday, the opening day of the 5th Enterprise India in Yangon.

The 5th Enterprise India under the slogan “Building a relationship, nurturing growth between India and Myanmar”, is being held from Dec 13 to Dec 15 in Yangon. Over 70 exhibitors from India are participating in the three-day exhibition, focusing on industry sectors such as agriculture equipment, electrical, healthcare, infrastructure and energy.

“Myanmar is definitely a growth engine in South East Asia. Lots of opportunities.” said Jithu Jose, the group head of Apollo Hospitals, “The faith of transition makes it very interesting. We see a very good future for business in Myanmar.”

Apollo Hospitals Group is building a health alliance in Myanmar, giving Myanmar doctors and patients access to latest medical technologies. “There are many investments coming in the healthcare of Myanmar. It is challenging.” said Jose, “At the same time, it also presents an opportunity as an industry sector.”

The same point of view was echoed from exhibitors in the oil and gas sector. “In the future, we are looking for more and more investment”, Anand Prakash, the manager of GAIL limited, India’s leading natural gas company said, “As the economy grows, as the country grows, the demand for energy will double.”

GAIL highlighted its future business prospects including liquefied natural gas supply, upstream participation and city gas distribution in Myanmar.

Prakash said GAIL will open its branch office in Yangon, in January 2019, and he will be the manager of the new office. “You cannot sit outside a country and plan for investment here”, Prakash explained, “You need day-to-day interaction with the government, with the party and the company.”

Parul University is also opening its admissions office in Yangon, trying to attract more Myanmar students to study in India, Niket Sani, the marketing manager of Parul University said, “I’m getting a very good response from the market of Myanmar, and I’m forward to next admission season.” 

The tuition fee the Parul University is US$ 4500 per year maximum, according to the university’s booklet. “If you compare the fee of any other countries with India, the fee that we are offering is way less.” Sani said, “Shortly we will be visiting some schools and holding seminars. We will be telling students that you have one more option. India is there.”