Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Myanmar published

07 August 2019
Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Myanmar published

CCI France Myanmar and the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA) have recently published the first edition of their Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Myanmar, according to a press release.

As Dr. Aung Thura, President of MYEA explained, “with Myanmar ranking low in almost every cross-country comparison, it is one of the hardest places to start and successfully grow a business. Therefore, entrepreneurs in Myanmar count among the most adaptable and resilient business people in the world. This hands-on guide gives practical insights on what entrepreneurs will face when setting up their business”.

 Indeed, Mr. Guillaume Rebiere, Executive Director of CCI France Myanmar, emphasized that “being an entrepreneur is a challenge of every instant. It is not a career but a way of life. For many, it means starting a company with just an idea and few resources, working 24/7 on their projects, without being able to perceive a salary for months. They need all the support and sharing of experience that we can provide.” 

This guide is meant to be a very practical and down-to-the-ground document, giving an overview of everything that entrepreneurs should know when starting their companies. 

It first gives an overview of the economic environment in Myanmar, the legal framework, the tax system, and the rules and regulations, tackling the main issues and challenges that entrepreneurs will have to face when launching their projects. 

But, far from presenting only the theory, the guide also provides very concrete and detailed advice and tips from other Foreign and Myanmar entrepreneurs, based on their experiences, on how to find an office space, how to find investors, how to set up an Internet connection, how to recruit, how to do business in the country, and so on.

Finally, it also lists of contacts of incubators, organisations and associations who offer support to entrepreneurs and start-ups in developing their activities. 

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Myanmar will be updated every year, since Myanmar offers a fast moving and changing environment. 

The French Chamber and MYEA will host a public conference on 22nd August 2019, at 6 PM, at The Penthouse, in presence of several of the entrepreneurs who contributed to the guide, to officially launch their publication and to offer the opportunity to entrepreneurs in Myanmar to network and extend their business networks.