Abbot Wirathu declared a ‘fugitive’ 

05 June 2019
Abbot Wirathu declared a ‘fugitive’ 
Abbot U Wirathu. Photo: Thura/Mizzima

As the police could not find abbot U Wirathu, who is wanted under section 124(a) of Penal Code (sedition), to bring before the court, Yangon West District Court declared him a fugitive today. 

Previously a criminal case number 47/2019 was registered case against the abbot which has now been changed to criminal miscellaneous case number 39/2019 with a new arrest warrant against the abbot. 

Criminal miscellaneous case is for fugitives and civilians can make an arrest and surrender the person to the police station.

Yangon Region Western District administrator San Min lodged a direct complaint at western district court under section 124(a) of Penal Code (sedition) on May 28 against this abbot for his alleged role in giving a speech in downtown Yangon on May 5 which insulted the three branches of sovereignty including the executive branch.

Abbot U Wirathu has not come out in public so far and he said in audio file released on Russian social media VK on May 31 that he would surrender to police only after receiving admonishment from the Sangha Nayaka abbots.