Students vow to continue march, despite police blockade

03 March 2015
Students vow to continue march, despite police blockade
Police block the protesting students in Letpadan, Bago division on March 3, 2015. Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

Letpadan - Protesting students, blocked by truckloads of police, claim they will continue their march to Yangon, according to student leaders speaking in a press conference at the site on March 2.
The student leaders said the hundreds of students will keep marching to arrive in Yangon in about two days.
Ko Shane Yarzar Tun, information committee member for the main column of the students, said: “The desire of the government is clear. They don’t want us to march from here to Yangon. But we will leave here tomorrow [March 3].”
The students are continuing their march to continue to press for changes to the National Education Bill that is being discussed prior to handing changes to parliament.
On the morning of March 2, six police trucks and about 400 police arrived at the Aung Myae Baikman Buddhist monastery in Letpadan where the students were staying while they were preparing to continue their march to Yangon.
The students say they will march to Tharyarwady and on March 4, they will proceed to Yangon using vehicles.
The students have informed the authorities that when they arrive in Yangon, they want to go to ahistorical inscription stone at Shwedagon Pagoda, marking the first students’ strike in the 1920s or to the Bo Aung Kyaw stone pillar in Yangon University.
The government needs to allow them to go to one of the two places, where they will hold a brief prayer ceremony, said Ko Aung Hmine San, a student leader.
“We will hold a prayer ceremony for a short time and make a resolution [firm decision] in one of the places. 
Then we will disperse. We will return to our relevant areas and sit our exams,” he said.
On February 28, the Home Affairs Ministry announced that if students march to Yangon, the authorities will take action against them.