Jade mine in Kachin state

Search and rescue personnel looking for miners at a jade mine following a landslide in Hpakant, Kachin state on April 23, 2019. Photo: MOI
24 April 2019
More than 50 people were feared dead after a landslide in northern Myanmar engulfed jade...
(File) A veiw of Hpa Kant jade mining area where a landslide (C) occured in Kachin State, northern Myanmar, 14 July 2018. Photo: Si Thu MKN
12 February 2019
Six jade scavengers died when a 150-foot cliff wall collapsed midday Sunday at a jade...
Workers use heavy earth-excavators at the Hpa Kant jade mining area, Kachin State, northern Myanmar. Photo:EPA
21 November 2018
A jade scavenger in northern Myanmar has been shot dead by mine security, officials said...