Some EAOs frustrated after C-in-C attends tripartite summit only half day

16 October 2018
Some EAOs frustrated after C-in-C attends tripartite summit only half day
Photo: Office of Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services

Chin National Front (CNF) Vice-Chairman Dr Salai Liang Sakhong said that some ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) felt upset and frustrated after Commander-in-Chief and Vice C-in-C of the Armed Forces attended tripartite summit only half day.

The tripartite summit between government, military and signatories of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)S EAOs began yesterday in Naypyitaw was attended by C-in-C and Vice C-in-C left the summit after the morning session.

This two-day summit is being held at Shwe San Eain Hotel in Naypyitaw and State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi representing government, C-in-C Min Aung Hlaing representing military and Karen National Union (KNU) Chairman Gen. Muti Say Poe representing EAOs attended the meeting and delivered opening speeches.

But in the afternoon session, though State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi attended the summit, C-in-C Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing and Vice C-in-C Vice-Senior Gen. Soe Win did not attend and only three other officers including Gen. Yar Pyae turned up.

Dr Salai Liang Hmong Sakhaung said that except the Chairman of New Mon State Party (NMSP) all Chairmen of other nine EAOs which signed NCA attended the summit.

“NMSP sent its Vice-Chairman as their Chairman is not in good health. All other delegates who are attending this summit are Chairmen of the EAOs. C-in-C of Armed Forces attended the morning session of this summit and he delivered his opening address but we wish he could attend the session in which real negotiations take place. We have two crucial sectors in the agenda for negotiations so I’d like to request him to come and attend the summit in person,” Dr Salai Liang Hmong Sakhaung said.

Two deadlock issues from the last peace negotiation, non-secession from the Union and self-determination rights and having unified and sole army, will be negotiated in today’s agenda.