Court hearing of Suu Kyi critic postponed on health grounds

03 November 2018
Court hearing of Suu Kyi critic postponed on health grounds
Kyaw Myo Shwe.

Court hearing date of Kyaw Myo Shwe who was charged under the Telecommunications Law for his alleged criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi was rescheduled as the defendant is not in good health.

Accused Kyaw Myo Shwe, who was charged under section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law, was produced before the court for the third hearing at the Yangon, Sanchaung Township court, scheduled to be examined by prosecutor Mya May Htay on November 2.

But the accused Kyaw Myo Shwe, who is suffering from waist and back pain, was late for his appearance as he had been visiting Insein Hospital, and it was decided to postpone the hearing.

Advocate Aye Paing who represents accused Kyaw Myo Shwe said, “The accused is suffering from bone TB in the spinal cord and he had appointment to see doctor at Insein hospital today so that he was late today for his court appearance. The court could not examine him today as the accused is taking treatment.”

Sanchaung Township court magistrate fixed the next hearing for 15 November when he will be examined by the prosecutor Mya Mya Htay.  

Mya Mya Htay, resident of Yangon, Sanchaung Township, registered a case against Kyaw Myo Shwe, resident of Mahaaungmye Township, Mandalay on 8 March 2017.

Prosecutor Mya Mya Htay said, “We don’t prosecute Kyaw Myo Shwe only selectively with section 66(d) because State Counsellor is an elected leader and respected by the whole world. And the social media Facebook is widely used at home and abroad. Criticizing such a reputed and respected leader with obscene figures and text with profane language is inappropriate, I think. So we prosecute him.”

According to the prosecutor, the accused Kyaw Myo Shwe allegedly wrote obscene, profane and slanderous texts to make defamatory attacks against State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi ten times from February to March 2017 and these defamatory texts were made public so that the female complainant registered a case against the accused.