India worried over border situation

India worried over border situation
An Indian soldier on an India-US joint exercise. Photo: U.S. Department of Defense

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday expressed concerns over the recent developments along India-Myanmar border. 
He said he has constituted a committee to review how to effectively manage the problems caused by a new rebel coalition which is targetting Indian forces deployed on the border.
Addressing the chief ministers of the country's northeastern states, Singh said the committee, headed by security expert R.N. Ravi, has already reviewed the situation and was expected to submit its report soon. 
The minister said: "We should not ignore the border population. There are 240 villages with over 200,000 people living within 10 km of the India-Myanmar border."
"This large population is without any security cover. They are at the mercy of insurgents. A similar situation prevails along the India-Bhutan border," he added. 
Bhutan demolished bases of northeast Indian rebel groups in its territory during its " Operation All Clear" in December 2003. But some of these groups have become active in the area again.