Barua interview in China, not Myanmar: Indian intelligence

Barua interview in China, not Myanmar: Indian intelligence
Paresh Barua. Photo: The Voice of Bodo People/Facebook 

Indian intelligence says Assamese separatist leader Paresh Barua was interviewed by a TV Channel in the Chinese border town of Ruili and not in Myanmar as claimed by the channel.  
The Newslive TV channel reporter Chayamoni Bhuiyan, who took Barua's interview, flew to Kunming in late April from Calcutta and returned to Assam via Calcutta on April 30, said a senior Assam intelligence officer.
"From Kunming, she had flown to Ruili to interview Baruain the jade business hotel," the officer told Mizzima. “She did not go to Hkamti to meet Barua." 
He said Barua is always in the habit of insisting to journalists who interview him that they give out false locations of the interview to confuse intelligence agencies.
"But we are not confused. We know where the lady reporter went to meet Barua," the officer said.
An Indian central intelligence officer said Barua might have tried concealing the location of the interview in Ruili on request from his Chinese minders.
He is known to be living in Tengchong on the Sino-Myanmar border, from where he is said to be keeping regular contact with a Chinese intelligence officer in Ruili, a lady from the Dai tribe. 
Barua is also known to often visit Kunming to meet senior Chinese intelligence officials,
Barua has been living in Tengchong since he fled Bangladesh in 2009 after the Sheikh Hasina government started a massive crackdown against the north-eastern rebel groups there.