Canadians volunteer to help Myanmar flood victims

29 August 2015
Canadians volunteer to help Myanmar flood victims
NGO staff and volunteers use zipline to transport emergency rice to villages in Kalaymyo in Sagaing. Photo: ADRA Myanmar

Volunteers in Toronto Canada joined forces on Thursday to help a local humanitarian organization's efforts to support flood victims in Myanmar, according to CBC News, August 27.
At least 80 volunteers responded to GlobalMedic's request to assemble and pack more than 2,000 household water purification and hygiene kits.
More than 100 people have perished following floods and landslides in July. The annual monsoon season has also wreaked havoc in India and Nepal, according to the report.
“When disaster strikes, our response time is extremely rapid and our volunteers jump to help despite the short notice - sometimes in less than 24 hours,” Laurel Kozik, GlobalMedic's Emergency Programs Officer, told CBC News.
GlobalMedic has also been helping victims of the April earthquake in Nepal.