PaO candidates say they are victims of deliberate head-on collision

28 October 2015
PaO candidates say they are victims of deliberate head-on collision
PaO National Organization party campaigning in Pinlong Township, Shan State in October, 2015. Photo: Khun Sun Oo

A driver in Shan State attempted to deliberately crash his car head-on into a vehicle carrying Union PaO National Organization (UPNO) candidates U Khun Zaw Tun and Nan May Pan Wah, the UPNO alleges.
U Khun Zaw Tun said the attempt was made between Nan Paw Tunn and Yay Htwet Gyi at 7:20 pm on Sunday night.
“We were coming back from Naungday to Hopong. Our car was parked by the roadside between Yay Htwet Gyi and Nant Paw”, U Khun Zaw Tun explained.
“We were beaming our headlights. We couldn't see their license plates well. It probably was an unlicensed car. We saw a gray extra cab car. We saw three people inside the car. We also saw another car that we assumed to be from the same group,” said U Khun Zaw Tun.
The incident left the tire of U Khun Zaw Tun’s car damaged and the car body scratched. Since the campaign began the UPNO has seen many of their party signboards vandalized. In another incident, someone threw a rock at their car.
“When we were coming back from our campaign in His Hseng Township, a rock was thrown at us from inside a bush. There may be worse incidents. We won’t be able to do the campaign at night. As we have informed the authorities about lack a police manpower and security, we can’t totally depend on them. They have replied that they have been monitoring in civilian clothes, but I haven’t noticed them on our trips,” he said.
He added that he will continue to carry out what needs to be done and he cannot say at this point how fair the election will be.
Like the UPNO, signs belonging to the National League for Democracy (NLD), and the PaO National Organization (PNO) in central Shan state have also been vandalized. The UPNO has reported the incidents to the police force to investigate.
Courtesy of BNI