NLD urges members to help remove ‘fake names’ from voters lists

NLD urges members to help remove ‘fake names’ from voters lists
People check their names on voters' lists in Chanaye Tharzan Township, Mandalay on 14 September, 2015. Photo: Bo Bo/Mizzima

The National League for Democracy’s electoral campaign committee (central) on November 3 announced that there may be hundreds of thousands of fake names in the voters lists for the upcoming election.
The NLD committee called on NLD members to scrutinize the voters lists and to submit complaints to the relevant sub election-commissions in order to put pressure on the sub commissions to remove the fake names of people who reportedly don’t exist.
“In the voters-lists, we found that there are fake names of people who are not members of the relevant households,” the announcement said.
The NLD's electoral candidates and township electoral campaign committees urgently need to check whether there are names of fake people in the relevant voters-lists, according to the announcement.
The NLD said that some NLD members submitted complaints to the relevant sub-commissions to remove fake names or extra names, but only some sub-commissions removed these names.
“Fake names are included in voters-lists of several townships, so hundreds of thousands of fake names may be included in the voters-lists across the nation,” according to the NLD.
The problem appears sizeable.
NLD's Lower House candidate Dr Saw Naing told Mizzima that in the voters-list of South Okkalapa Township, there were more than 80,000 extra names of people who actually don't live in the township.
Similarly, when the Union Election Commission announced the voters-list of the eight townships of Pyidaungsu (Union) area, for the second time, on September 14, the number of eligible voters had increased by more 60,000 names. On May 25, the election commission announced the total at more than 610,000, but on September 14, it announced the number again at more than 670,000.