Thingyan Water Festival less wet this year

04 April 2016
Thingyan Water Festival less wet this year
Will Thingyan be less wet this year? Photo: Mizzima

The upcoming Myanmar water festival celebration starting on April 12 will be a little more dry this year, as the government has denied more than 300 proposals for setting up commercial pavilions on the city's two most crowded roads.
The pavilions serve as sites for throwing water and provide entertainment venues. In the past, huge traffic jams have clogged Yangon’s streets and sparked minor mayhem.
The New Yangon Region chief minister, Phyo Min Thein, said exploitation of the Thingyan water festival for commercial gain will not be allowed, and he warned of zero tolerance on alcohol consumption by young people during the festival.
Last year, there were 78 commercial pavilions on the two major roads in Yangon.
Myanmar will celebrate the Thingyan Water Festival from April 12 to 16 and the traditional New Year will be held on April 17.
Among the country’s 12 annual seasonal festivals, the Thingyan water festival represents the largest celebration throughout the nation.