North Dagon squatters refuse municipal eviction notice

24 December 2015
North Dagon squatters refuse municipal eviction notice

The North Dagon Township city development committee recently sent eviction notices to people living in dwellings built along Ngamoeyeik Creek in Ward No. 41 extension.
The notice stated that residents should be out of the area by December 18. However, residents told Mizzima on Tuesday they would not move because the land would be developed by a private company, not the State.
Several people living in the area said that they would not vacate their homes, because they had no place to go.
One of the dwellers, Htay Aung, said on behalf of the residents, that they would vacate if it was for a State Project, but they had learned a private company had plans to develop the land.
“Even the rickshaw workers here are working for the country,” he said.“I don’t know what the difference is. We are working for the country too with our small-scale livestock business.”
Aung Htay said some residents, after clearing the land of brush and trees, had lived in the area for 20 years.