Myanmar Army offensive kills seven MNDAA troops

14 May 2015
Myanmar Army offensive kills seven MNDAA troops
MNDAA deny seven dead claim

A military offensive against MNDAA (Kokang) positions has resulted in seven dead MNDAA troops, according to reports in state media.
The offensive, in which the Government captured three hilltop positions, took place 11-12 May. MNDAA troops had positioned themselves in the eastern hills of Mar Lu village, according to reports.
Government troops discovered the bodies, weapons and ammunition after capturing the hilltops. The report also noted that some Myanmar soldiers were killed and some senior military officers were injured.
Despite the state media reports, the MNDAA disputes the loss of the position and the number of casualties they sustained. The MNDAA told the Democratic Voice of Burma that it had lost one soldier with four injured while fending off the military assault, which included attacks by helicopter gunships. They claimed to have killed around 30 government troops.
The Myanmar military has been fighting the MNDAA since February 2015 after the latter launched an assault on the Kokang capital of Laogai (Laukkai).