Local people demand work on Mong Ton Dam stop

15 September 2015
Local people demand work on Mong Ton Dam stop
Nam Pang River's hundreds of islets would be destroyed if the Ta Sang Dam is built. Photo: Google Earth

Local people from Kunhing Township have written an open letter to the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) asking them to stop all activities in regards to the Mong Ton Dam project.
In the letter, dated 9 September, local Karli-Kunhing people, including the Tai Youth Organization and local MP, Nang Wah Nu, of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party state that they cannot accept any sort of Environmental/Social impact assessment conducted by SMEC, the government, Ministries, investing companies, organizations, or individuals, and that they do not accept any public consultation, meeting, voting, or the payment of money directly or indirectly as part of the process.
Nang Wah Nu said that the dam building has not got the consent of local people, and every step of the dam building process should be stopped.
She said, “Our people do not agree to the building of the dam. Our Shan Community Based Organizations do not agree, and our Shan political parties do not agree with the dam either. Therefore, all the dam building process must be stopped”.
The letter states that if the Mong Ton Dam is built, itwould have huge negative impacts on society and environment which local people have been relying on for generations, including sacred historic sites which would be devastated by the project. In addition, the project would force tens of thousands of local people to relocate, and no responsibility will be taken by any groups, including the government.