Kachin offensive expands, despite peace talks

24 March 2015
Kachin offensive expands, despite peace talks
The Myanmar military has been attacking Kachin positions in Kachin State, despite ongoing peace talks. Myanmar army soldiers on a trail in Kachin State. Photo: Kachin Soldiers

Kachin fighters say the government has expanded its offensive against them while continuing peace talks with the country's ethnic groups, reports the Voice of America on March 23.
The Myanmar government is currently conducting talks with the various ethnic armed groups, including the Kachin Independence Organisation, in search of a ceasefire agreement.
A spokesperson for the KIO told VOA on March 23 that the latest assault, which included airstrikes, focused on Kachin bases near the town of Bahmo.
He said the government appeared to be taking advantage of the current talks in Yangon to invade their small bases, but the attack did not appear to disrupt the peace talks. 
The Myanmar military has accused the Kachin of helping the Kokang rebels in their fight against the government in Shan State.