India concerned over Rakhine

27 August 2017
India concerned over Rakhine
Myanmar police officers in rain coats patrol on a road in the etnic Rakhine village of ChainKharLi, an area close to fighting at Rathedaung township of northern Rakhine State, western Myanmar, 26 August 2017. Photo: Nyunt Win/EPA

India has expressed deep concern over the renewed violence in northern Rakhine State.
In a statement, the ministry of external affairs described the attackers as terrorists and said it was saddened by loss of lives of Myanmar security personnel.
"The perpetrators of these crimes will surely be brought to justice and they deserved strongest condemnation."
''We stand beside the Union of Myanmar at this hour of crisis,'' the statement said. 
India in recent years has tried to develop stronger military-to-military ties with Myanmar.
Like Bangladesh, India sees Rohingya insurgency as a threat to regional peace.
India's junior home minister Khiren Rijjuju said last week his government would deport all the 40,000 odd Rohingyas living in the country including the 15,000 registered with the UNHCR.