Dozens disqualified from final candidate list

Dozens disqualified from final candidate list
Pathein district's candidate list. (Photo -Si Thu Mg Mg)

Myanmar has released its final list of candidates for the upcoming general election, with more than 6,000 people running for positions in the national parliament and regional legislatures VOA reported on 22 September.
However, at least 75 independent or opposition party candidates have been disqualified, many because of the citizenship status of their parents.
Among them are about 15 of 18 candidates from the Democracy and Human Rights Party, a Muslim majority party whose candidates tried to run in Rakhine state constituencies.
A Rohingya member of parliament who was disqualified from running for re-election last week told a U.S. congressional hearing that Myanmar is stripping Muslims and other minorities of their rights in the democratic process.
The Myanmar government has not yet responded to the allegations, but has said it intends to hold free and fair elections.