Concert to highlight Chopin’s works to be held in Yangon

20 February 2017
Concert to highlight Chopin’s works to be held in Yangon
Chopin specialist pianist Kimball Gallagher. Photo:

The Myanmar Music Festival and the Representative Office of the Embassy of Poland in Yangon have announced that“Chopin, Nostalgia and Heroism”, a concert to highlight the famous Polish composer, Fryderyk Chopin’s works for piano will be held on February 20, 7pm, at the Grand Ballroom of the Sedona Hotel.
Chopin specialist, pianist Kimball Gallagher,who comes from New York, and for last 3 years has been the Artistic Director of the Myanmar Music Festival will present a variety of works by Chopin for solo piano. These include selections representing the many facets of Chopin. A waltz, a nocturne, a mazurka (Polish folk dance), and Polonaise (Polish aristocratic processional), a ballade (a story told in music), and others. Before each piece, he shares commentary to deepen the audience’s experience bringing them closer to the music. Gallagher’s playing reveals the range of human emotion found in Chopin’s music: nostalgia, heroism, longing, joy etc.
Accompanying the concert is a photo exhibition consisting of 17 large format photos / pictures that depict landscapes and cityscapes of modern Poland.