Contemporary Paribawga furniture graces 2016 Yangon Furniture Fair

08 October 2016
Contemporary Paribawga furniture graces 2016 Yangon Furniture Fair

Pun + Projects, a leading hospitality, lifestyle and culture innovator in Myanmar, says it is proud to announce its new furniture concept, Paribawga, on occasion of its inclusion in the 2016 Yangon Furniture Fair. Through two channels, the Paribawga Collection and Paribawga Bespoke, the company will work with private individuals, commercial partners and interior designers to create and fit custom spaces all around the world.
The Paribawga Collection is designed and manufactured under the supervision of master carpenter Marcelo Maier, and consists of furnishings and accessories for living and working. High-quality, carefully sourced, local materials are combined with craft-based construction to reflect the history and legacy of Myanmar. Modern lines and forms lend the collection a contemporary edge, and special attention to texture and finishes evoke the moodiness of monsoon season and the lush complexity of the rainforest. A highlight of the first collection is a burnt finish, which updates traditional teak wood with a rich, smoky exterior.
Maier’s love for detail, and his commitment to finding the artistry within raw materials, defines this first collection. Says Maier: "The quality of the wood is the soul of the tree. It is a living material, and to show its beauty, you need to understand how it moves. I hope this philosophy will be reflected in every piece I create.”
In addition to the collection, Paribawga offers specialty bespoke furniture services for private individuals, companies, and designers, and employs the same careful attention to materials and craft. Paribawga aims to create custom furniture and installations for all types of spaces, including retail, hospitality, public and cultural environments, with the goal of optimizing comfort, function and style through close collaboration with the client.
Maier told Mizzima: “The Paribawga Collection consists of pieces that we have created and engineered and are ready to be selected and ordered by customers. We do have a range of finishings to choose from so there is a level of customization. Paribawga Bespoke however allows the customer to create from scratch and is 100 percent unique. This is often popular with professional designers or architects working on a specific project.” 
He explained the custom-made production.
“The bespoke process usually begins with a detailed design package or a simple sketch from a client. Sometimes it might just be a series of photo images so we understand what the client is looking for. From there our technical team lead by our master carpenter Marcelo Marier will engineer the piece and produce a CAD drawing with the final dimension, technical and design details for the client's approval. The production process will then take 4-6 weeks typically,” he said. 
This is a growth industry. 
“With so many new projects in Myanmar both residential and commercial, we are confident that there will be increasing demand for quality furniture and accessories in the coming years. We also believe that with the access of incredible materials we have my and new technology we are in a position offer the next level of Myanmar made products,” Maier said.
Paribawga Bespoke is proud to bring Myanmar-made craftsmanship to the world at an intimate and accessible level. Says Ivan Pun, “The unique access we have to extraordinary materials and excellent craftsmanship allows us to offer a compelling product to a diverse global clientele. After years of isolation, it is an exciting time in Myanmar to show the world the level of quality in our artisan traditions, and to do it responsibly and at a reasonable price.”
Marcelo Maier has spent seven years living and working in Myanmar. A native of Bielefeld, Germany, Maier apprenticed in furniture carving and design before striking out on his own. Inspired by a passion for traditional techniques and a respect for nature, his approach integrates a love of Myanmar and a commitment to the highest quality artisanship.
PUN + PROJECTS creates innovative lifestyle, F&B, and cultural concepts in Myanmar, inspired by a passion for architecture and urban history. Founded in 2013 by Chinese-Burmese entrepreneur Ivan Pun, the company aims to facilitate cultural conversation between Myanmar and the rest of the world.