Yangon a city with a ‘bright future’: Wealth Report

11 March 2015
Yangon a city with a ‘bright future’: Wealth Report
The Wealth Report waxes lyrical about the opportunities Yangon presents for investment and growth, along with a handful of other up-and-coming cities around the world. Photo: Mizzima

Yangon is on the list of the world’s top cities that may soon become global financial capitals and havens for the super-rich, global real estate consultancy Knight Frank predicts in its annual Wealth Report, released last week.
Belgrade, Panama City, Addis Ababa and Yangon are listed as cities that with their emerging markets and regional influence have a “bright future,” according to the report.
Yangon is said to have grown in importance as a magnet for foreign investment since Myanmar began opening up in 2011.
The report lists the world’s most important cities. Top of the list in 2015 are London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.
The Wealth Report covers the property market and global development trends that help shape the investment strategies of wealthy individuals around the world.