Women’s festival to kick off on March 2

28 February 2015
Women’s festival to kick off on March 2

The Yangon Women’s Festival, set to run from March 2 to 8 in Myanmar’s commercial capital, will be a celebration of women beginning on International Women’s Day, according to the organizers.
Throughout a week of visual arts exhibitions, music concerts, movie screenings and workshops, the festival will create a platform to expose and advertise women’s contributions and voices in today’s society.
The Yangon Women’s Festival is an event dedicated to inspire and celebrate women’s achievements in Myanmar, according to the organizers’ website.
According to the organizers, women in Myanmar have always been at the forefront for society and political progress. Throughout the country’s history, women from all regions and denominations have played key roles in the country’s successes. Within media, movies, education, business or politics, women are increasingly influential and encouraging changes in society.
However, as women’s contributions gain increasing recognition, cultural and political norms still combine to give them limited power and quiet dissenting voices in the discussion of discrimination or equality issues.