Students from Myanmar look to the UK as top education destination

24 October 2016
Students from Myanmar look to the UK as top education destination

A growing number of students from Myanmar are choosing the UK as an education destination, according to a statement from Abbey DLD Group of Colleges (Abbey DLD) which specialises in preparing international students for admissions to the UK’s most prestigious universities. 
The increase is a result of Myanmar students looking for high quality and exceptional university preparation that will enable them to enter world renowned Universities and entry into competitive degrees programmes such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Economics, Finance and many more.  Abbey DLD Group of Colleges has a proud record of successfully preparing and sending many Myanmar students into some of the best universities in the UK and in the world. 
This year, a total of 29 students from Myanmar attended Abbey DLD’s three UK-based colleges in London, Manchester, and Cambridge, achieving exceptional results in their A-levels, with an outstanding 86% A*- C grades in their A Levels. Overall 52% of Abbey DLD’s international students passed their A Levels with A* and A grades, and 91% of international students achieved A* - C grades in 2016.
Among this year’s high-achieving students from Myanmar was Ko Ko Htwe Jerry Wei, who attended Abbey College Cambridge and was awarded two A* and two As in his A Levels. He is going on to study medicine at the University of Central Lancashire, taking the first step in his life-long aspiration to become a doctor. He also gained impressive results in his 10 IGCSEs, achieving eight A* and two grade As.
Kabyar Cho is another notable student from Myanmar. She has just joined Abbey College Cambridge and is currently studying for her A Levels. She is an outstanding student, having achieved second place in last year’s National High School 10thstandard matriculation exam in Myanmar, missing the top spot by just one mark.
Abbey DLD has a strong tradition in supporting its international students gain entry to the UK’s top universities. In 2016, a total of 394 university acceptances were secured by its international student body, with 44% confirmed at Russell Group Universities, which comprises 24 illustrious British research universities. 
Jonathan Whitehouse, Regional Director (Asia) for UK’s Abbey DLD Group of Colleges in Myanmar, says, “The UK has traditionally been one of the preferred destinations for foreign education and we have seen a steady influx of students from Myanmar coming to our colleges. We expect this trend to continue as a growing number of parents from Myanmar look to the UK for the best international education opportunities for their children. At Abbey DLD we strive to help students from across the world achieve the personal, social and academic growth needed for success at top universities in Britain.
“Going to pre-university schools in the UK such as Abbey DLD allows students from Myanmar to ‘acclimatise’ themselves with a new country and achieve the grades they need to outdo other international students competing for places at the most prestigious and sought-after UK universities.”