Reconcile educational systemic differences: U Nay Oke

02 September 2017
Reconcile educational systemic differences: U Nay Oke
Photo: Thura/Mizzima

Educationist U Nay Oke has suggested some changes in Myanmar educational system, without which students here cannot access the Indian higher educational venues.
"We have only Class Eleven here in Myanmar but in India, you have to clear Class Twelve in board to be in a college," said U Nay Oke.
U Nay Oke suggested that Myanmar could considering an additional year of education in English and subjects for students seeking India's growing offering of scholarships to Myanmar students.
"Our students need to be proficient in English because Indian higher education is usually in English language. Our students should therefore be trained better in English and also in the subjects because Indian standards are higher," U Nay Oke said.
The educationist welcomed India's offering more and more scholarships to Myanmar students.
"Indian education is quality education and more relevant to our students," he said.
Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri said he saw Myanmar moving towards the 10+2 system. “That will happen in a few years, but in the meantime, Myanmar students should be able to leverage the scholarships we are offering to them."