Israeli involvement in Myanmar Water exhibition

28 October 2017
Israeli involvement in Myanmar Water exhibition
Israel’s Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Daniel Zohar Zonshine. Photo: Thet Ko/Mizzima

The Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar says his embassy and country are happy to be involved in the Myanmar Water exhibition being held from October 26 to 28 at the Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall in Yangon.
As Israeli Ambassador Mr Daniel Zonshine explained in a press release, Israel is located in a semi-arid climate zone with over 60 percent of its area desert which led to water shortage. In recent decades, cutting-edge innovations developed in Israel to tackle this water shortage helped position Israel as a world leader in all aspects of water management.
The major achievement of Israeli water sector was that is succeeded in closing the significant gap between demand and natural resources and supplying the demand in a sustainable way. This was done by (1) saving water, (2) reusing waster and (3) desalinating sea and brackish water. The startup ecosystem in Israel gave rise to numerous water technologies. Among the systems invented in Israel are: drip irrigation, advanced filtration, advanced water leakage detection, rainwater collection and treatment systems, water security and smart-city technologies, the Ambassador said.
On top of that the Israeli government initiated a long-term, large-scale SWRO (Seawater Reverse Osmosis) desalination program. Desalinated water and recycling municipal wastewater allowed Israel to close the gap between natural water resources and demand, and to realize plans to maintain this sustainable consumption rate in the upcoming decades.
As Mr Zonshine said, the Israeli Embassy in Yangon initiated the participation in the exhibition in order to help promote economic ties between companies and entities from both countries. We evaluate that Israeli technologies and methods are relevant to the needs of Myanmar and we are happy to facilitate such ties.