Fair encourages Myanmar youth to study in India

Fair encourages Myanmar youth to study in India
5th India Education fair Yangon at Summit Park View Hotel Yangon, Myanmar on 23 March 2018. Photo: India Education Fair Yangon

India is increasingly becoming the destination for education for Myanmar students who seek quality higher education. More than 12 private universities and higher education institutions are participating in two-day India Education Fair 2018, which opened yesterday.
Organized by SAPE Events and Media Ltd and 4R consultancy, this is the fifth edition of the fair aimed at showcasing higher education opportunities in India. 
The fair is open to the public for two days from 23 March at Hotel Summit Park-View in Yangon.
Speaking at the inauguration of the fair, Mr. H K Jain, Minister Counselor of the Indian Embassy pointed out that it is an opportunity for students of Myanmar to know where they can acquire good quality higher education from India and take up jobs in the expanding private sector of Myanmar. 
Myanmar economic transformation requires large numbers of well-educated professionals in the fields of science, engineering, IT, medicine and management India’s higher education system is well geared to provide education to Myanmar students, he said. The Government of India is also offering scholarships to Myanmar students as part of its development cooperation to study in India.
Chief guest, Dr.Pho Kaung, Rector, University of Yangon recalled the collaboration between academic institutions of India with the University from the early 2000s. He pointed out that India is emerging as a educational hub particularly in the areas of technology and sciences and high quality institutions are providing education to many overseas students.
Representatives from the private universities have also pointed out that two decades of economic reforms in India has led to expansion of quality higher education institutions in the private sector. This is s significant development as private universities are able to invest in infrastructure, seek quality faculty and are now becoming global by attracting students from other developing countries. 
All the private universities participating in the fair have been rated very highly within the higher education field in India. With top modern facilities and quality faculties, they are affordable in terms of cost, when compared to European of American higher education.  Closer cultural affinity would also make it ideal destination for Myanmar students to join in Indian universities for their higher education, according to the organizers.