Thai events organiser cancels Myanmar projects

20 April 2015
Thai events organiser cancels Myanmar projects
One of the events run by the company - Myanmar Countdown 2013. Photo: Index Creative Village Plc

Index Creative Village Plc, Thailand’s largest event organiser, has temporarily suspended its Myanmar projects due to stricter licensing requirements by that country’s government, reports Bangkok Post on April 18. 
The move comes amid growing political uncertainty in Myanmar this year that has prompted the government to impose stricter guidelines against people gathering in a bid to prevent potential protests. 
Mr Kriengkrai Karnchanapokin, co-founder and co-chief executive, said Index thus decided to suspend its planned events there until the political situation eased. 
Index events for the Thingyan holiday have been skipped this year. The company organised events for the occasion in the previous two years. 
Index’s first Thingyan event in 2013 drew 700,000 visitors in Yangon and even more last year. 
Other events such as trade shows have also been suspended.
“We’re still confident in the bright future of Myanmar, but change and reform will naturally see some protests,” Mr Kriengkrai said.
Index was the first Thai media and event-organising company to enter Myanmar, debuting in the neighbouring country in 2010 by forming a joint venture, Myanmar Index Creative Village, with local partner Forever Group.