Parliament joint affairs committee recommends car import reduction

By U Lwin
21 December 2015
Parliament joint affairs committee recommends car import reduction

The Parliament Joint affairs committee for Projects and Financial Development has suggested, in a report submitted to the Union parliament, that the government reconsider the current policy of issuing free car import permits and import licenses for luxury goods.
In the report, the committee said that there was a major trade deficit in the first half of the 2015-16 financial year and one of the reasons for the deficit was the issuance of licenses for free car imports and luxury goods, therefore the government should reconsider the policy as soon as possible.
The committee also urged the government to reassess their policies in relation to the functioning of government in dealing with States and Regions, stating that Union Ministries are currently dealing directly with the President’s Office without coordination and liaising with local governments.
Khai Maung Yee from Ahlone constituency said, “We hope the government can systematically recognise and act on the committee’s suggestions mentioned in the report.”