Yunnan vows new anti-drug drive, to build more diversified network

By Cao Siqi/Global Times
11 March 2019
Yunnan vows new anti-drug drive, to build more diversified network
An aerial view of Gongren village, literally workers' village, built in 1953 while now is a well-known place for prostitutes and drug addicts in Gejiu, southwest China's Yunnan province. Photo: AFP

 The province of Yunnan, a major front in China's anti-drug campaign as it borders the Golden Triangle known for drug production and trafficking, has vowed to launch a new round in the war on drugs and recruit more special border police to safeguard stability.  

Deputies to the 13th National People's Congress from Yunnan held a meeting on the side-lines Thursday morning. A local financial budget report released at the meeting showed that the Yunnan provincial government plans to invest heavily in its anti-drug and counter-terrorism big data centers.  

The anti-drug big data center, established in May, has helped arrest 280 drug traffickers, crack down on more than 70 drug gangs and detain over 900 drug addicts, according to a statement from the province's publicity department sent to the Global Times. 

The statement said the center gathered information from the public security departments and public sources, which helped monitor key suspects, analyze important cases and provide information to local police officers to intercept drug deals. The center has collected 7.2 trillion pieces of information. 

The provincial government pledged to build a more diversified anti-drug network in 2019. Specifically, the province will increase the number of special border police, install guardrails, burglar-proof doors, reinforce the walls in key areas, and establish a video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system and other electronic management systems in key areas.

As a major front in China's battle against drug crimes, the number of drugs seized annually in Yunnan accounts for 70- 80 percent of all drugs seized across the country, said the Xinhua News Agency. 

Yunnan has also conducted joint operations with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam to fight drugs.

In December 2018, local police apprehended three suspected drug traffickers and seized 52.34 kilograms of opium after receiving a tip on a planned cross-border drug deal from Myanmar.

Yunnan has also built a drug rehabilitation center, providing not only detoxification treatment but vocational training.

Courtesy Global Times