Yangon commuter train gets 54 billion kyat upgrade

01 December 2018
Yangon commuter train gets 54 billion kyat upgrade
Upgrading the Yangon rail system. Photo: Ye Naing (Laukkaing)

The Yangon commuter train railroad has been upgraded since February with 54.514 billion kyat from Union budget with the Danyingon-Insein sector reportedly completed. 

Currently the outer rail track of the Danyingon-Insein sector is being upgraded and the officials from Myanmar Railway inspected the upgrading works in an on-site inspection on November 30 in the morning.

Myanmar Railway (Lower Myanmar) Managing Director Tun Aung Thinn said, “The inner rail track of Danyingon-Insein sector has been completed in our upgrading work. Now we have started our work on the outer rail track in this sector. And also we are continuing in the upgrading of Insein-Kyimyindine 5.7 mile-sector. We are working especially for the safety of the passengers with our current technology.” 

In the upgrading work, Myanmar Railway is working in the laying of new concrete sleepers, refilling of stones along the rail track, renovation of platforms, digging drainage, building boundary walls and installation of signaling equipment. Officials say the upgrade project is expected to be completed by 2020. 

Myanmar Railway (Operation/Region) Manager Zaw Lwin said, “After completion of the upgrading of entire network of commuter train, we will work to replace old signaling equipment.

And then we will bring new coaches for commuter trains. Currently it takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the loop of our commuter train network. After upgrading this network it will take only one hour and 50 minutes. And moreover we can carry three times the current passenger capacity in the new network.”

Union Budget gave 54.514 billion kyats for this upgrade of the commuter train rail network and for installing new signaling equipment. The upgrading commuter train coaches will be borne by a Japanese loan.

Currently only the Union Budget is being used for the upgrading of the commuter train rail track loop and according to the officials from Myanmar Railway, the Japanese loan has not yet been used in this upgrade project.