UEC gives permission for formation of Thura Shwe Mann’s party

05 April 2019
UEC gives permission for formation of Thura Shwe Mann’s party
Thura Shwe Mann. Photo: Hein Htet/EPA

Union Election Commission member Myint Naing confirmed to Mizzima the news about giving permission for forming of the Union Betterment Party (UBP) led by Thura Shwe Mann on April 4.

As per the Political Parties Registration Law, a political party shall submit application for establishing of party to the UEC and when UEC allows for the establishing, the party shall apply again for registration of party in the second stage.

“We will scrutinize what we have to do when we receive application for registration. UEC will make the decision for granting registration only after necessary announcements have been made. The party must put an advertisement in newspapers of their party name, flag and logo for objections to be made,” Myint Naing told Mizzima on April 4 in the evening.

Within one week from the date of granting establishing of political party by UEC, the party shall apply in person to the UEC again for registration with two copies of the prescribed form ‘E’ of UEC by first and second leader of that party along with prescribed registration fee of 300,000 kyats.

Thura Shwe Mann once said that they formed this party with two main objectives, the first one was to serve for the interests of the state and the people and the second objective was to work for betterment of politics, economics, social, rule of law, peace and tranquility to improve the current situation and they also thought that it was the time to do these jobs.

Party leader Thura Shwe Mann made an announcement on February 5 on his social media that the policies of their party were establishing of federal democratic union, economic growth and better economy, systematic implementation in education, health and cultural sectors, peace and having constitution which would be compatible with Myanmar.

A source close to UPB said that currently the party had started contacting and coordination regarding with the party in regions and states though they had not yet been granted for registration of the party and also said that the party would contest in at least 200 townships in the forthcoming 2020 general elections.

The source who wishes not to be named said, “As far as I understand the party will organize and work in entire country so that the party will contest in at least 200 townships.”

According to the information posted on the UEC website, currently there are total 111 political parties which have been established and registered with the UEC since 2010.