U Wirathu denies he is a fugitive

06 June 2019
U Wirathu denies he is a fugitive
(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 14, 2018 Buddhist monk Wirathu speaks during a rally to show the support to the Myanmar military in Yangon. Photo: Ye Aung Thu/AFP

Abbot U Wirathu has said in an audio file posted on VK social media that he is not a fugitive but just waiting for call from State Sangha Maha Nayaka (supreme body of monks) on religious ground.

“You always say fugitive whenever one fails to appear before the court but our monks never say fugitive to their fellow monks in cases related to the government. So, you must note it down. So do I in my case. Your court declared me a fugitive. Your media also said I was fugitive in your reporting. Let it be. I came here to receive admonishment given by our monk administrative body. Only after that I came to know that an arrest warrant was issued against me,” he said in this audio file.

U Wirathu said that he had prepared to be arrested and put behind bars since June 3.

“I am the son of Lord Buddha. Previously I have already had admonishment two times from our religious supreme body. This time too, I came here for receiving such admonishment but it failed this time,” He added.

Yangon Region West District Administrator Sann Min registered case against abbot U Wirathu in direct complaint at Yangon Region West District Court under section 124(a) of Penal Code (sedition) on May 28 for his speeches delivered at mass rally held in downtown Yangon on May 5 which allegedly insulted and scolded three branches of sovereignty including executive branch and then the district court admitted this case and issued arrest warrant against him with deadline for appearing before the court by June 4 at the latest.