Six bullet proof Land Cruisers to be bought for VIPs

06 December 2019
Six bullet proof Land Cruisers to be bought for VIPs
Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

President Win Myint requested the Union Parliament for funds to buy six bullet-proof Land Cruisers to be used by Heads of State, senior state-level office bearers and foreign dignitaries during their domestic tours and visits.

The vehicles to be bought by the government are Toyota Land Cruisers (Bullet-proof) 2020 and the cost is US$ 7.3592 million including Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) without customs duty and other taxes. It is equivalent to over 1.1 billion kyats at the current exchange rate of about 1,500 kyats per US dollar.

Deputy Minister Maung Maung Win said that the fund for these vehicles was earmarked in 2019-20 financial year union budget in capital expenditure and this amount is 1,249.998 million kyats.

He explained to parliament that they would buy these vehicles from manufacturers in Japan at the price of CIF (Yangon) by placing direct order to the original manufacturer.

He used the term State-level leaders in briefing to parliament but he did not elaborate in detail which rank and designation.