Protesting workers arrested

14 December 2018
Protesting workers arrested
Photo: Aung Ko Oo/Mizzima

Myanmar police on Thursday arrested 13 protesters, including fired hotel workers, from the central town of Bagan as they marched to the capital Naypyidaw where they planned to ask central government officials for help with getting their jobs back, RFA reported.

Fifty protesters participated in the march, including workers from the Tharabar Hotel who were laid off in August because of dwindling guest numbers, sacked workers from the Double Rhinos cement factory and Power dry cell battery factory in Bagan, and members of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) and the All Myanmar Workers’ Union.

Police arrested four workers from the Tharabar Hotel, three students from the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), one person from the All Myanmar Workers’ Union, and five workers from Mandalay, for violating Article 19 of the Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law.