Protection from Violence against Women Act likely to be passed next year

27 November 2018
Protection from Violence against Women Act likely to be passed next year

Union Deputy Minister of Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Soe Aung said that ‘Law for Protection from Violence against Women’ which would protect women and children from violence against them in accordance with the law would likely be passed and enacted in early 2019.

“I’d like to inform all women in the country in advance that we have prepared to submit the bill of this law to parliament in early 2019. We will give priority and focus on the needs and requirements of women and children in protecting them from violence against them as the objective of this law is to boost and encourage laws and procedures in protecting them,” he said.

This bill was drafted by the previous government in 2015 and it had to be delayed and suspended in submission to parliament because of the then general elections.

“When our government assumed office, we adopted a policy on reviewing the bills and to fulfil promises given to the people to serve them as a sector-wise priority. And then we modified this bill in redrafting it. So it was delayed submitting to parliament,” he said.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of 16-day movement for ‘Eradication of Violence against Women’ held at Hotel Max in Naypyitaw on November 26.

Program Specialist Wyne Sandy Myint from UNFPA Myanmar said,

“According to international surveys, one in every three women in the world is suffering from violence committed against them and most people see only physical violence and physical grievances but other factors should be considered also.”

“We should consider and take into consideration other factors of violence such as mental violence, economic violence, sexual violence and other customs and traditions which can endanger women and children,” Wyne Sandy Myint said.

Currently, Myanmar is using sections 376 (rape) and 377 (unnatural sex) of the Penal Code for crimes against women and violence against women for punishing perpetrators.