Over 200 migrant workers returning from Bangkok under plan of Myanmar embassy

23 May 2020
Over 200 migrant workers returning from Bangkok under plan of Myanmar embassy
(File) Myanmar nationals wearing facemasks amid concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus speak with officials at the immigration post in Myawaddy near the Thai border on March 23, 2020, as thousands of people crossed from Thailand as the border crossings were due to close because of the growing pandemic. Photo: AFP

It is learned from the Bangkok based Labour affairs diplomat office, under the plan made by Myanmar embassy in Thailand that over 200 migrant workers from a list of workers registered with Myanmar embassy for return to Myanmar will arrive back in Myanmar from Bangkok on May 22 through border checkpoint.

In the list of workers returning to Myanmar on yesterday, a total of 210 workers are included and they are said to have left in two groups. The first group left Bangkok at 10 p.m. and the second group left at  11 p.m.

Kayin State legislative assembly legislator from Myawaddy constituency Thant Zin Aung said that most of these returnees were migrant workers and Thai government allowed even those who overstayed in Thailand and illegal immigrants to return to Myanmar.

“The reasons for returning to Myanmar are under various circumstances. We learned from earlier returnees said that some resigned from their jobs, some became jobless after their factories closed, some had their visas expired and some could not rejoin their jobs as they had already quit their jobs. There are various reasons,” he said.

The diplomats from Myanmar embassy said that they arranged these buses reaching to border checkpoints by cooperation with Thai officials for the safe passage of Myanmar migrant workers who wanted to return to Myanmar even though there are travel restrictions and a curfew in place.

The post on social media page of Labour affairs diplomat office informs the migrant workers who registered with this office for returning to Myanmar must pay Bangkok-Mae Sod express bus fare 1,048 Baht and Maha Chaing-Morchid bus terminal bus fare 150 Baht each in advance otherwise they will not be included in the list.

The announcement made by Myanmar embassy says that the number of travellers returning to Myanmar will be increased based on compliance with the rules and regulations imposed by the Thai authorities.

It is learned from Myawaddy District Administrator Office that the total number of migrant workers registered with Myanmar embassy for returning to Myanmar from Thailand is over 30,000.

These returnees must stay at a quarantine centre for 21 days when they arrived back home. The facility Quarantine centres have reportedly been arranged in Mon State, Kayin State and Myawaddy district.