NLD government urged to stay true to promise to amend the constitution

13 July 2019
NLD government urged to stay true to promise to amend the constitution
88-Generation student leader Mya Aye. Photo: Thura/Mizzima

88-Generation student leader Mya Aye says Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi was seeking the peaceful amendment of the 2008 Constitution within the framework of law so that all must follow behind her.

“I hope there will be growing people’s support. I think we will see more mass rallies supporting amending the constitution as soon as the amendment bill is submitted in the parliament session. I see the National League for Democracy party is trying to keep its promise given in the 2015 general elections but I don’t want to hear from them that they tried to amend the constitution but were unable to do so.  They should have alternative plans of Plan A, B and C in this regard,” Mya Aye said.

A 45-member constitution amendment committee will submit its report to Union Parliament (joint sitting of both houses) on 17 July for amending the 2008 Constitution.

“It the constitution cannot be amended in parliament the entire programme of amending the constitution in parliament through elections will be meaningless. So I say they (NLD) must produce substantial results to gain the confidence of the people. If they do not get substantial and tangible results the people’s confidence in them will worsen more. And also there will be positive side. What I said is the negative side. I think both sides should be equally considered,” Mya Aye said.

Advocate Thein Naing Tun (Daung Man Hong) said that amending the constitution was not the desire of an individual in a party but it was the wish of the people.

“We support this constitution amendment committee. And another point is MPs are elected by the people. MPs are submitting this amendment on behalf of their electors so that they should be proud to do this work as it is the strong will and desire of the people. The people want to convey the message to political parties in parliament and outside the parliament that all the people want to amend this constitution,” advocate Thein Naing Tun (Daung Man Hon) said.

A mass rally supporting the report submitted by the 45-member committee for amending the 2008 Constitution will be held at Maha Bandoola Square in Kyauktada Township, Yangon on July 17 from 9 o’clock in the morning to noon.