Myanmar to further regulate SIM cards

25 March 2019
Myanmar to further regulate SIM cards
A Myanmar man buys an Ooredoo mobile sim card in Yangon. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Myanmar is taking measures against the sale of unregistered SIM cards, saying that the move is aimed at providing security for mobile financial services and individuals, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced in a statement, according to Xinhua.

"In Myanmar, unregistered SIM cards are available at illegal shops and it is found that most of people who use more than two SIM cards did not register," said Minister of the President's Office of Myanmar U Soe Thein.

The situation is not only unhelpful for mobile monetary services but also unhelpful for personal and national security, he said, advising people to report their mobile phone operators.

Meanwhile, the ministry urged the telecom operators to sell only two SIM cards to one person, which will start on April 1, adding that foreigners can use their passports to buy SIM cards.