MPT issues statement over tax concerns

10 December 2018
MPT issues statement over tax concerns
Photo: MPT Showroom (Junction Square)

After an MP raised a question in deliberations at Union Parliament session on December 6 on non-inclusion of the name of Myanmar Post and Telegraph (MPT) Company in the list of taxpaying telecom companies.

House of Representatives MP from Seikkyi Kanaungto constituency Tin Tun Naing raised the question why MPT was not included in this list of high-value taxpayer companies.

“I raised this question in the deliberations of this report based on the issuing of top taxpayers’ list. We do not know clearly if they are really paying these taxes or if they are paying these taxes in a form that we do not know. I raised this issue to make transparency in tax payments made by main telecommunication operators to the government as Telenor and Ooredoo are paying taxes and next year MyTel will be included in this list,” MP Tin Tun Naing said.

Regarding this issue, on December 7 MPT issued a statement saying, “MPT and KSGM are paying taxes in accordance with the laws concerned.”

Mizzima tried to contact a responsible official concerned to ascertain facts on the issue but the company did not reply to calls.

According to the list of tax collections made by union ministries for the second half of 2017-18 Financial Year, sent by Union Government to parliament, Telenor paid over 80 billion kyats and Ooredoo paid less than 50 billion kyats and the partner company of MPT, KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co. Ltd., paid less than 30 billion kyats.